The Forest on the Roof | Selfridges

The Forest on the Roof | Selfridges

Yesterday I went for lunch at the roof top restaurant at Selfridges with two of my closest friends, Jaina & Hannah.
Currently, the restaurant is called (and themed) ‘The Forest on the Roof’. I’ve know a few people to go here recently and heard fab things so we really wanted to try it for ourselves as a Christmas treat, especially as the restaurant is renewed every 6 months! It absolutely did not disappoint! Stunning sparkly decor to oooohhh and aaaahhhhh over (and take many selfies!) and the food was DELISH! More importantly though, it was so lovely to catch up with my friends, one of whom lives in Singapore and we only get to see a few times a year if we are lucky. Hannah moved to Singapore almost two years ago now and I’ve seen her go from strength to strength in her career and also in herself. She is such a kind and sensitive woman yet just as passionate and focused. She is just amazing! Jaina is possibly the strongest person I know. She knows what she wants and how to get it but is SO humble and has time for everyone. Jaina is the person who walks into a room and lights it up and anyone who meets her just loves her instantly. It was so lovely catching up, stuffing our faces, being our usual ‘weird’ selves and just being together in a very atmospheric but relaxed place. I would highly recommend squeezing in a visit if you can before it changes for the Spring season – truly scrummy in more ways than one! Foodies will certainly enjoy. To book you can follow this link to their booking page, and for gorge images of yummy food/decor (and some shameless selfies) just scroll below to check out our visit. Philippa xx
Images taken on iPhone 4S & Samsung.

Black Forest Cocktail – Vodka, Blackcurrant Jam, Vanilla, Apple Juice, Cinnamon

Josper grilled chicken salad, forest seed bulgar wheat

Juniper gin cured salmon, pickled cucumber

Baked Cornish brie, truffle honey, ancient loaf

Treacle sponge, whisky Anglaise

Chocolate Forest

Christmas Photography

Christmas Photography

Only two more sleeps and Christmas 2015 will be HERE!
I am so so excited for this Christmas as it will be my first Christmas as a ‘Mrs’ and I’m spending it with my husband and family (and the cats!). YAY!

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, with pretty surroundings and lots of lovely moments, it’s a great time to practice taking some fab photos.
Lots of smaller cameras, which I tend to call ‘point and shoot’, are becoming more ‘techy’ and are offering manual settings as well as automatic.
So for those of you that already have, or who hope to receive a camera this Christmas, that has manual settings, I’d love to share with you a few basic tips to help you get started on taking better photographs over the festive season!
It gets light late, and dark early in December, which can cause some difficulty when taking photographs in December. If you want to take any family portraits during the Christmas period, I would recommend photographing these outside. For outdoor photography in good light, I’d recommend shooting on around 400 ISO (100 ISO if it’s really sunny!) and for large groups a higher aperture of around f/6 to ensure everyone’s faces are sharp.
Once the light goes, your flash will become very important, unless you have a professional camera which can cope well in low light. Many SLRs come with a pop up flash, however you can buy flash guns for most types of cameras as a separate attachment. I would strongly recommend investing in one of these as you will be able to create much more natural photographs. If you have a flash gun, be sure to point it up at the ceiling. This bounces the light off and around the room rather than directly at your subject.
Christmas is exciting for all the family, and particularly children! Children can be quite animated at Christmas whether they’re playing with new toys or being excitable with each other. This will mean fast movement, so if you want to capture natural action shots of your children, be sure to up your shutter speed to a higher setting so that you can get sharp shots. Or if you want to add a feeling of movement to your images, you can slow your shutter speed a bit to get some atmospheric blur.
The Obligatory Christmas Tree Shot:
I have definitely had a photograph taken with our family Christmas tree EVERY YEAR…. and for a long time this would consist of us standing very closely in front of the tree! However, to get an even better shot, stand your subjects next to the tree as this gives a lovely soft glow to the side of peoples faces AND avoids the ‘branches sticking out of your ear’ look! Alternatively, bringing your subjects further away from the tree, with the tree in the background can look really lovely if you shoot on a low aperture. This will mean the tree detail will blur and you’ll have a gorgeous backdrop of colour and sparkle!
There are lots of wonderful moments that happen during Christmas, so why not try capturing the general atmosphere as the day unfolds, as opposed to forced poses? My style of photography is more documentary or ‘reportage’ so that your images tell a story. Falling into the background and capturing the laughter, the cheers, the cracker pulling can be so satisfying and you’ll capture beautiful moments.
Finally and most importantly, print those gorgeous photographs you take this Christmas! We live in a digital age which means nothing lasts forever so print your memories 🙂
That’s it from me for now, but I hope these basic tips will help you all this Christmas.
Have a LOVELY and merry one!!!
Love Philippa xx

Kate Avery Flowers Christmas Wreath Workshop at Millbridge Court

Kate Avery Flowers Christmas Wreath Workshop at Millbridge Court

Last week’s wreath making workshop by the ever so talented (and lovely) Kate Avery Flowerswas held at the beautiful new wedding venue Millbridge Court(a first time visit for me and now on my bucket list to photograph a wedding there!) Now if you’re struggling to feel Christmassy with the recent mild weather, then you should totally go to a Christmas workshop, whether that’s wreath making, stocking making or even mulled wine tasting (a favourite of mine of course!) Kate’s wreath making work shop sells out pretty quickly, so I was keeping my eyes peeled for ages so that my mum and I could get a place. You can see why! The beautiful foliage and creative decor Kate supplied for us to pretty up our wreaths were in endless supply. From eucalyptus to succulents, Brussels sprouts to gold ferns, Kate showed us the basics and we were all free to go our own creative ways to transform our wreaths into a gorgeous decorations that all of our front doors will be thankful for! Final thank you to the tasty as ever Kalm Kitchen for providing tasty treats for us to gorge on – yummy indeed! Here are some images from the workshop 🙂

b e | i n s p i r e d

b e | i n s p i r e d


These are just some of the inspirational and positive messages I came away with following The Hub 2 by The Chosen Wedding Collective.
Not only was this an amazing day of learning, but Kiki and the incredible speakers have given me the tools, ideas and inspiration for my photography business. They have made it so crystal clear and shown me how I can make my gorgeous and beautiful dream clients happy. The secret? Be myself and make sure my business reflects me.
I have been striving towards creating a beautiful business, and I’m happy with how far I’ve come, but there is so much more I can give, of myself and to my clients.
I am so excited about what’s to come and I’m really looking forward to sharing this journey with you. It’s not just about taking photographs, it’ so much more than that! It’s about being authentic, being proud, opening my heart.
There are so many FAB photographers out there who are all amazing, and there IS a place for us all! But, how do I show you that I am that very person to trust to capture your special day? It’s not about price, really it’s not. People think it is but it shouldn’t be.
I want to connect with you. I want you to trust that I am that person who will help you feel calm and comfortable, share my ideas and thoughts with, make you feel excited and that those intimate moments will be photographed in a beautiful and authentic way. I want you to feel special, that you’ve made a friend, with whom you can share your wedding journey.
I thrive on the little things – whether that’s pretty details, or a kind gesture. I love to make people happy; it’s the key to my own happiness.
So why not put more of myself into my business? One of my fundamental joys is to be a good kind and loyal friend, why not show the same kindness to my lovely brides? I have always been completely professional and friendly, but why not give more? Give more of ME! It in turn will make me happy, and also my Brides.
This awakening is all thanks to The Hub 2. All the speakers made me feel so uplifted about my photography business and all the work I’ve been putting in so far to turn it into something I truly believe in and most importantly LOVE. You have turned my world upside down and made me feel like I’ve been doing everything for the right reasons.
Thank you and so much love to:
Kiki-Sunshine Boonwaat –
Tamryn Lawrence –
Anna Jones                
Madeleine Noble Jones –