Five Tips to Make Sure Your Wedding Photos Are Perfect

Five Tips to Make Sure Your Wedding Photos Are Perfect

Every bride dreams of a PERFECT wedding. ‘Perfect’ may mean something quite different to different couples, whether that’s that it doesn’t rain, the day runs smoothly, their guests have the best time, or that every personal detail turns out exactly as they wanted.
However one thing’s for certain, and that is that many couples want PERFECT wedding photos, because for most, they understand the importance of preserving memories.
If you dream of perfect wedding photographs, then here are my top five tips:
1. Choosing the Right Photographer
If photographs are important to you, than investing in the right photographer will be the first most crucial step to getting perfect wedding photographs. Do you prefer film or digital? Is there a certain look and style you prefer? Documentary vs contemporary style? Creative + quirky vs stylish fine art? These are all the different sorts of things to consider when considering the type of photography you like, before you choose the right photographer who can deliver this to you. Once you’ve narrowed it down, meet with your potential photographer to see if you think you’ll get on and feel comfortable. The more relaxed you feel around your photographer, the more confident you’ll feel in front of the lens on your wedding day.

2) Venue Visit
Visiting your venue once you’ve booked it is essential and there are certain suppliers who will visit with you to make sure your wedding looks gorgeous! Visiting your venue with your stylist and photographer, will make sure everything you are planning, designing and styling will work on the day but also in your photos. For example, the venue may tell you that the ‘normal place’ to put the cake is in the corner or the room however your stylist may see a beautiful spot that may work better. Your photographer is always good to have on hand because they can assess the light. You may be planning a gorgeous floral wall display for guests to have their photo taken against. Put this in the wrong spot and it may not photograph well. Your photographer will also be able to recommend places for indoor group shots if it rains, or scout out beautiful spots for your couple portraits. All of this prep will help your photographer prepare for your wedding day and get the perfect photographs.

3) Engagement shoot
Having an engagement or pre-wedding shoot with your photographer for the wedding day is almost a fool proof way to make sure your wedding photographs are perfect! The sessions enable you to have a practice and to put to bed any nerves you may have about posing for the lens. It can feel daunting but is in fact really fun! Having some time to get used to being photographed will only help you on your day to relax and feel confident for your photographs.

4) Beauty Prep
It’s important to understand that Wedding Photographers will not re-touch you so that you look unnatural. The odd blemish will of course be removed but photographers won’t remove eye bags or try to make skin look brighter and fresh. It only makes for unnatural photographs.
Getting into a beauty regime in the few months leading up to your wedding will mean you will not only look your best on the day but your skin will photograph beautifully. There are lots of fantastic beauty products out there but if you follow these simple tricks you’ll already be on your way to being ‘photograph ready’.
The week running up to your wedding you need lots of sleep! So make sure you aren’t up late creating last minute table plans and get some good shuteye. Drinking plenty of water makes your skin look younger, glowy and clearer. We all know this but it’s easy to forget to drink enough, which should be minimum 1.5litres a day. Do not fake tan the night before – bad fake tan shows up very badly in photographs. If you do want to feel a little bronzed on your wedding day, have a professional trial done in advance to make sure the colour and coverage is to standard. Once you are happy, have your tan applied 2 days before your wedding.

5) Gather & Tidy
The morning of your wedding is such a special time. It’s always easy to for the space you are in to get messy very quickly. A photographer won’t photoshop out plastic bags or an untidy bed so make sure you ask your bridesmaids to keep on top of keeping the room tidy throughout the morning. Gather all your personal items for your photographer in advance. Your photographer will use some of the time in the morning photograph things such as your jewellery, garter, perfume, stationery such as invites and any other personal details. Making your photographer aware of anything special you want photographed will ensure nothing is missed.

The most important thing, is relax and enjoy your day as natural happiness always photographs perfectly.
P xxx
The ‘Guest Photographer’…

The ‘Guest Photographer’…

The ‘guest photographer’. The ‘amateur. The granny with an ‘ipad’.
Some of THE very things that photographers DREAD to find at their bride and grooms wedding…

I was a guest last weekend for a very good family friend’s wedding. I haven’t been a guest in a couple of years and a lot has changed and progressed with my photography business since then… So being a guest… was weird! AMAZING of course, but so very odd! I of course, couldn’t bring my kit with me, so I opted for just a single camera and one lens 😉 As a photographer, you spot moments and detail all around you ALL the time. I had to really reign myself in because my friends had hired the most wonderful and extremely talented photographer. I almost felt more wary of getting in the way than actually taking photographs.

I did take photos, respectfully and from my position. No leaning. No moving to get the perfect angle. I took photos as I would have a few years ago, when I was a guest at 8 weddings and before I had photographed many of my own weddings under my business name. It’s easy as a guest to forget about the photographer, and most will ‘ninja’ around you so that they are as inconspicuous as possible, but I don’t think I have ever been more aware about ‘not being in the way’.

More than anything, I didn’t want to be THAT guest with the blinking massive camera, or to be spotted and have the hired professionals ‘note’ me to keep an eye out for me IN CASE I got in the way. I completely get it. I do it ALL the time at a wedding (looking out for ‘those’ guests) because as a photographer, you want to do the best job possible for your couple with as little complications as possible.
Granny standing in the aisle with her ipad over her face as the bride and groom walk down is exactly one of the complications I’m talking about!
So how can you be a GOOD guest photographer? Of course, many people take photos on their phones nowadays which are certainly less likely to get in the way (albeit photographs of you walking down the aisle with your guests watching you through their phones don’t make the best sort of photos!). However, there are those guests who come to a wedding with some sort of SLR who like photography, or those who just want a good camera, which they can point, shoot, and get some better quality photos. I get it. I was and still AM one of these types of people! I don’t think I’ve ever not taken a camera with me, ANYWHERE… even before I became a photographer. So I DO understand believe me, however, at a wedding there are some boundaries that should be respected.

Everyone wants a good photo of the bride walking in, but jumping out of your seat, leaning into the aisle, or worse (and this happens) STANDING in the aisle is not going to do it. You may get a good head on photo, but the photographer now won’t and the poor bride and groom will never get that moment captured again. As a guest, you are not being paid for your photographic hobby, but to enjoy and celebrate their wedding with them. It is a guest’s duty to watch, listen, laugh and enjoy. Take photos from your perspective of course, but being there to support your family/friends on their wedding day also means respecting and protecting their photographic memories of the day that are being captured.

So, in a nutshell, my top tips for those of you who love a good photo, love a good selfie, are interested in photography, or simply want to practice at a wedding:
Stay seated during the service – no leaning or standing in the aisle.Try to get angles of the wedding that are different from the photographer. Couples always love guest photographs and it will mean you are likely to not get in the middle of a photographers shot.No flash – especially during the service and speeches.Enjoy yourself and make sure to put that camera away at some point :)During group photographs, take your photo of the group and then when politely asked allow the photographer to take their photo. Large groups struggle to know where to look when the paparazzi is in front of them!Your iPad is not a camera…
P xx