A little later than planned (sorry for the slacking!) but here’s part 3 of ‘How To Accept That Not Everything will go to plan ON your wedding day.

It’s so easy when planning your wedding to become quite OCD and particular on everything and anything with regards to the wedding. Understandably so, as it’s your wedding day and you are a bride who absolutely loves thought out detail and you want your guests to have just as good a time as you. It’s easy to get caught up on this, and sometimes, as with all things in life, things may not 100% go to plan, or may turn out differently to how you had imagined in your head or like your detailed Pinterest board. So I am sharing this post to try to help you prepare for dealing with things like this, especially coming from someone who is an organisational freak and so creative that the slightest thing out of place bugs them… Obviously I’m talking about me hehehe *monkey covering it’s eyes emoji* First things first, let’s talk about the dreaded ‘W’ word… WEATHER! I cannot even begin to remember how many people would say things like ‘oh let’s hope it’s a sunny day’ or ‘how bad was the weather today? Let’s hope it’s not like this on your wedding day’ etc etc etc. A countless number of people would want to talk or make a weather comment, even months before the wedding! There’s nothing wrong with what they’re saying, but it does start to create a feeling of anxiousness and worry for all couples. Of COURSE every couple wants a nice, warm, sunny (or at least not rainy) wedding day. That’s natural. But unless you’re going abroad, there is always a chance that the weather may be crap on your wedding day; we do live in the UK where the weather is becoming more and more unpredictable. So try, if you can, to not let all the weather comments, screen grabs of weather apps that are sent to you, or Aunties telling you they are praying for sun, get to you or stress you out. I mean, what will really happen if it rains? What’s the worst case? Ok, so your shoes and bottom/underside of your dress may get a little damp. Your schedule may change a little to be flexible with regards to photographs. But is it all that bad?? Photographically your photographs will still be beautiful. If it’s torrential all day (which is really rare) then group photographs will be taken indoors (not the end of the world). However 9/10 it stops at some point anyway and during any breaks in the weather will be when photographs happen.

At the end of your day, you will look back and think, that was the best day EVER and I wouldn’t want to change any part of it, as it’s what made our day unique. EVEN the rain! Trust me 🙂 The other thing that can happen on the day that may be unexpected and out of your control (apart from unruly guests of course which I covered in Part 2!) is managing other suppliers. Whether the driver of the car doesn’t turn up, to the hair stylist taking 40 minutes longer than she’s supposed to, to the venue manager not quite setting something up as you wanted. They are all things outside your control but absolutely CAN be managed. So let’s say, a supplier doesn’t turn up. What’s the worst that can happen? I photographed a wedding last year and the cars went to the wrong address which meant we were late to the church. Well the service won’t start until you get there, so try not to worry 😉 The venue manager hasn’t laid something out how you want it – well quite simply say, or set your bridesmaids onto it and it will all be sorted quickly and quietly. The hairdresser doesn’t turn up… It’s NOT ideal but I’m sure one of your bridal party has a hidden and absolutely brilliant talent for hair. Or kindly ask someone to drive you to your local hairdressers/beauty course in a department store and someone will absolutely be able to help you 🙂

The one that scares people the most, your wedding photographer has got the wrong day, or has a family emergency. I 100% promise you that there will be someone who will come to the rescue. If you have invested in a GREAT photographer where they offer an amazing service and are not cheap as chips, then they will never ever leave you in the lurch during a crisis. Photographers all know each other, and are there for each other when this sort of thing happens. A fab photographer will already have sorted out a replacement for them before they’ve even told you about the change so as to not panic you. So, the other nightmare, your photographers a no show and you can’t get hold of them – simply find wedding or photography groups on Facebook eg ‘The London Wedding Club’ or Facebook message as many photographers as you can to ask for help. If they are not free they will be able to put out an emergency request to other photographers in their network. Breath – it can be sorted don’t worry 🙂 This rarely happens, but just know there are solutions to all! The main thing, is everything will turn out just the way it was meant to, even if it’s not what you originally planned or how you imagined it. Relax, enjoy the day and remember this lovely quote, "you are not getting married to impress a room full of people, you are getting married to make the man you love your husband". P xxx