You want the PERFECT wedding. You are a woman inspired by fashion, home interior, and get over-excited about anything pretty, matching, and sparkly. Being creative and style obsessed also means that we are our own worst enemies… If something doesn’t turn out quite as imagined, you worry it isn’t good enough or feel a bit disheartened. If this sounds like you, then we are THE SAME!
As an absolute perfectionist, lover of style and presentation, and organizational freak, I am going to write you a mini blog series on how to accept that not everything will go to plan not only on your wedding day, but in the run up before hand.
For part one of this mini series, let’s talk about the ‘planning’ stages of the wedding, focusing on the styling and how this doesn’t always go to plan in more ways than one…
So, you are now engaged, and you’ve had that secret Pinterest wedding board for a LONG time. *Ahem* maaaaaybe several months or even longer… You are not alone 😉

Now, Pinterest is an AMAZING tool for inspiration, especially wedding inspiration, but it is so so important to not be SO focused on re-creating everything you see on there, for a couple of reasons:
Unless you have a bottomless purse, it will be too expensive to have EVERYTHING you want at your wedding when hiring stylists or special companies to do things for you.You are creative (as I was) and want to re-create lovely things you’ve seen on Pinterest and are happy to do it DIY. How much DIY crafts are you prepared to do and more importantly, how much time do you have?Copying doesn’t make a wedding unique to YOU. Allowing Pinterest to inspire you may give you other ‘never-seen-before’ ideas for your wedding. If you want to try to get your wedding featured in a blog or magazine, thinking of something new and inspiring will certainly help your chances.Trying to do everything will simply make you go insane!

When designing and planning the styling for my wedding, there were a LOT of ideas that I had. What I learned was to focus on a few things and put all my effort into those. I had a LOT of detail and décor at my wedding which mainly involved collecting things and sorting them into specific boxes so we knew where everything was when it came to setting it up the day before.
I originally wanted a really creative, and almost ‘interactive’ table plan, and was fussing for months over what to do. It was the one thing that I really struggled with and simply couldn’t decided on. Closer to the time, when we’d nearly finished making and collecting everything for the wedding, I realized how much we had actually done and how lovely all of those things were. I realised, that all I wanted was an elegant and well designed table plan, adorned with some flowers for detail. Easy, simple, and nothing too extravagant like the many ideas I had seen on Pinterest. Sometimes, too much can be overkill, and in fact it’s the tiny details that can truly personalize your wedding day.
Here are some of my top tips:
Hire people – We had bought over 25 lanterns to hang up outside which we had planned to do ourselves…. In the end, we hired a company to do it and it was the best decision we made!! I was also convinced that I was going to blow up giant balloons the morning of the wedding… I am so glad my mum talked me out of it and again, hired someone to do it for us.Chose 1-3 things on Pinterest that you LOVE, whether that’s a cluster of decorations as a focal point, an amazingly styled dessert station, or an intricate table plan. Choose a couple of things as your ‘main’ styling pieces and don’t think that you need all of it.Flowers make the best decor! If you love flowers and aren’t afraid to spend money on them, beautiful floral displays that aren’t just your centre pieces can completely transform your wedding, AND takes the pressure off you crafting more DIY projects yourself.Create detail that ties your wedding together (no pun intended!) – We bought personalized ribbon with our names on which we used to tie up the invites and tie around sweet jars and other things. Be you and be unique 😉

Part 2 coming next Monday… Accepting that not everything will go to plan – People!!!!
The image below was taken by Zoe Collyer of my giant flower ball at my wedding…