I was planning to write a blog post showing my best photographs and favourite moments from 2015, however in light of this weeks tragic news of the passing of the legend that is Mr David Bowie, I wanted to instead blog a tribute to him.
I grew up listening to some of the best in music history; the likes of Queen, Thin Lizzie, Barclay James Harvest and David Bowie, to name but a very few. I remember waking up every Saturday morning to the sound of these rock legends blasting out from the record player in the living room – something my Dad did often.
I remember feeling happy, as this sound would always mean it was Saturday!! I grew up with this era of music, and all the songs bring back so many memories and evoke lots of different emotions for me.  Even now, you will find me waking up every Saturday morning in my West London flat that I share with my husband, turning on our CD player and blasting out the likes of Queen Greatest Hits. Every. Saturday.
Music becomes habit. Music evokes feelings. Brings back memories. Helps people through difficult situations. Changes the world. Makes us happy.
David Bowie and his music still does EXACTLY that
Not only in his music, but in his DRIVE to be himself, no matter the implications and no matter what other people would say. mHe would change his direction, change his image, re-invent himself, despite being at the midst of a successful career; the music industry’s greatest chameleon. He would alienate people, excite and intrigue new people. He made damn sure that he was EXACTLY who he wanted to be.
A creative who was never afraid to go out beyond the norm and challenge himself. Even now with his new song release as his parting gift to the world, he embraces and almost beats his death by using it creatively to continue his visions.
Even if his music isn’t particularily to your taste, his life and his achievments are undenuably, some of the greatest.
I am in complete awe. I admire him, his music, his attitude and his passion. What a FANTASTIC man.
Rest in peace David Bowie; our Starman.