Are you insured?

Yes, I have full Indemnity and Liability insurance.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! I love to travel all around the UK and abroad for any gorgeous wedding!! My Peony & Rose wedding prices which can be found in my brochure cover all UK travel. The only additional costs to be aware of are that an overnight stay will be required for weddings over a 2 hour drive away to ensure I am on site with no delays. For the Blossom Collection, travel is included up to 40 miles of W7 with extra travel charged at 45p per mile and £25 ph. Please get in touch to receive the full brochure!

Do you travel abroad for destination weddings?

Yes yes and more yeses! I love travelling abroad and love destination weddings. I only take on a certain number a year but I absolutely love to shoot abroad, in the warmth, and the super pretty light. I charge the same as my UK wedding prices, all you have to do is get me there!

What happens if your equipment fails?

This is the most commonly asked question and I totally understand why!
It is scary, I know. Technology sometimes can fail however this is highly unlikely for the following reasons:
– All my equipment is high quality professional equipment which means that it is built to last.
– My equipment is regularly serviced by Canon.
– All my memory cards are the best quality that all professional photographers and videographers use in the industry so are less likely to corrupt.
– Memory cards are reformatted before every wedding.
– I use memory cards between 8 & 16gb. This means I am constantly changing my cards as they hold less images so if one were to fail on me, only a small amount of images would be lost.
– I shoot on two cameras at all times so as to also eliminate any missed shots/images.
– My cameras take x2 memory cards, so I shoot on x2 cards at all times as back up – therefore at any one time, I will have x4 copies of all your images saved (four cards across two cameras!).
– After the wedding I back up all memory cards in two places AND in an online cloud called Backblaze so nothing is ever lost.

What happens if you are ill and cannot attend the wedding

I have never, to date, let a couple down or had to cancel coverage due to poor health. In the unlikely event that I am unable to attend your wedding, please be assured that I belong to a large network of professional photographers, and every effort will be made to supply you with a photographer of similar style and ability.

Natural Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographer Surrey | Philippa Sian Photography
Natural Wedding Photography | Wedding Photographer Surrey | Philippa Sian Photography
What is the latest time you will stay to on our wedding day?

I stay for as long is required to ensure I get enough dancing shots. It’s usual for me to be finished anytime between 8-9pm although this depends on the times and schedule for each individual wedding. The absolute latest I will work to is 9pm. I can cover weddings after 9pm upon request which is charged at £100 per hour. This can be discussed at the time of booking although may also be applicable on the day if the wedding is running over. If this happens I ensure to speak to you on the day to ask what you’d like to do.

Do you offer midweek and out of season discounts?

I’m sorry I am not able to offer discounts for winter weddings as this tends to be my busiest time in past years. Winter weddings require just as much work as any other wedding, in fact Winter weddings require additional skills to shoot, more equipment, and usually an extended editing time.

I can offer discounts for weekday weddings Monday – Wednesday only. Get in touch to find out more.

How many photographers cover each wedding?

Most of the time I work alone. Occasionally couples request an additional photographer perhaps to cover extended time with the Groom in the morning, or where the guest list is particularly long, and a couple would like all the guests to be included in candid shots.  My ‘second’ photographers are professional photographers in their own right, (usually my husband James), and are expected to have a similar style of shooting, similar equipment, and be able to work independently and with confidence.

Do you take group shots?

Yes of course, I view these as an important historical document and something generations of your family will look back at and enjoy. When planning your list, please do take into consideration the time of year and light restrictions, as well as allowing up to 5 minutes (sometimes longer) to set up and take each shot. A good number is around 5 combinations, and no more than 10.

Can I make special photography requests?

Yes, definitely! Hopefully you will have hired me because you love and trust what I do, but it’s important for me to know any additional information so that I can produce a collection of images you will love. It may be that you have an elderly relative who is shy in front of the camera, but of whom you would like some lovely candid shots. It might even be just making me aware that divorced relatives mustn’t be made to stand next to each other in a group shot!  These are real examples, so just let me know.

What happens if details change between booking and the wedding?

I encourage all my couples to get in touch whenever they have anything they need to discuss. A month before your wedding I send you a detailed wedding schedule checking all the timings of your day, special photography requests and a group shot list.

What happens if we have to cancel our wedding?

I sincerely hope you don’t, but sadly if you do have to cancel your wedding please let me know as soon as possible. Unfortunately as a secure booking prevents me taking another booking for that date meaning I may have turned other weddings away, I am unable to refund any monies paid. Couples who cancel less than 3 months before their wedding date still will be liable to pay 50% of their balance. Couples who cancel less than 1 month before their wedding date will be liable to pay the full balance.

Will we get the print release to our photos after our wedding?

Yes of course! I will still own the copyright which means you cannot sell them for financial gain but as far as I am concerned, they are your wedding photos so you can share, print, post on social media as much as you like. The finished photos will not be watermarked.

Will we get featured in a wedding magazine or blog?

Although a lot of my work gets featured, this is not something that is guaranteed as most publishers are interested in colourful, uniquely designed weddings. I will be in touch after you have received your photographs to let you know if a publication has taken an interest in your wedding at which point a questionnaire will be sent to you to fill in.

Do I have to order prints through you?

I highly recommend ordering prints through professional venders but it is not required. The difference in quality is huge when it comes to ordering through a professional lab, so I encourage clients to let me help with prints! 4X6 photographic prints start at a really reasonable £5.

We would like to book you. What do we do next?

Once you have decided you would like to book me, please let me know straight away. I operate on a first come first served basis and require a completed booking form, signed wedding agreement, and a £500 deposit. A wedding date is not secured unless I have all paperwork and your deposit. Your final photography balance is due 4 weeks before your wedding date.