Last week was one of the most fearful weeks I’ve seen in Britain. A fearful week turned quickly into hate. A truly terrible and sad week and I’m not referring to the politics behind the referendum result itself, but more about what it triggered. I hope this isn’t too soon to talk about, but I want to talk about fear and change.
Fear: Fear is the main factor of hate. Hate creates fear. Fear weakens you and causes you to behave in a way that’s not true to yourself. Fear and hate equally have caused travesties in our lifetime; wars, shootings, robberies, etc. Fear prevents you from achieving your goals. It brings negativity to your mindset and it holds you back. Uncertainty and worry can cause fear, and I suppose I’ve seen a lot of this recently, and understandably so.

Change: change is absolutely a way to cause fear because change sometimes means fearing the unknown BUT change can be GOOD. Change is also one of the main ways to crush fear. Accepting change. Accepting fear. Embracing the unknown. Making positive changes helps growth; in mindset, success and the way you live. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, but in the end it can be good.
Think of your personal development appraisals at work. On all behavioural measures that I’ve ever seen, ‘accepting change and embracing new ways of working with others’ has ALWAYS been on there. It’s not on there because your company want you to not be accepting of change. It’s on there because the best employees are the ones who accept change, react positively to change, adapt to knew situations, work well as a team and embrace a challenge with open arms…. I think you may be able to see what I’m getting at here…

I don’t think, with what’s happened to the UK, is something that’s going to be easy. I don’t think it’s something many will move past and I don’t think it’s a topic that is going to settle for a while. And that is OK. We’re all allowed to feel hurt and upset, we’re all allowed our opinion and we all need our own amount of time to heal.
I just wish, and I hope that slowly, more people will begin to feel positive (hard thing to say I know). And I’m not saying ‘accept the situation as a positive one’. Not at all. It’s still uncertain for everyone at the moment, so I’m talking about beginning to feel positive again in themselves, with friends and everyday life. There’s been a lot of negativity and hate floating around which is devastating to see. 
Tough times may be ahead, but as an 80% positive 20% negative person, I just refuse to let this tear me down.
Regardless of the result, regardless of whether you voted in or out (no judgement here), I do believe in my heart that sticking together, keeping positive, and being open to others opinions and change is the only way forward. The only way out of fear.
I believe in a life without fear. I believe that no matter the referendum result, I will build and live my life the way I want surrounded by the ones I love. If I have to make changes to achieve that, I will do it and I will do it without fear and with a positive attitude.

I hope this post is received and read free from judgement and negativity – I think ultimately we all just need to hug each other and move forward, slowly, even with baby steps 🙂
Love to you all, whether you voted remain or leave, to me, it really doesn’t matter xxx