WOW – this week has been a big week for me! *Mini celebration dance* here at PS HQ!.
On Monday I officially joined the Rock My WeddingTeam as a preferred vendor with a fab post going live on their site on Wednesday. Lots of my past brides will spot themselves so do take a look at the feature 🙂

I was also interviewed by House of Cocomagazine last month and my interview went live this week! The reach on social has been fantastic, as well as the feedback and comments – thank you all so much.

I also, *drum roll* have started to stretch my photography wider. I absolutely ADORE weddings, but more than anything, I adore photographing people. So this week I photographed this gorgeous lady, Jaye, who is a FAB performer In the West End, and refreshed her current headshots for her.

Photographing headshots is certainly another area of photography that I want to take further, alongside lifestyle and wedding photography. So thank you Jaye for giving me that opportunity and proving to me how enjoyable it can be.
I am officially telling myself, ‘well done’, which leads nicely onto my motivational post for the week….
I’m not writing a huge blog post this week, but after a busy and immensely positive week for me, I’d like to leave you with something Jaye said to me, which can be looked at in two ways…
“It doesn’t get easier, YOU just get stronger”.
Of course, she was relating more to dance, but this is SO TRUE in all areas of life and work. As something begins clicking and falling into place, whether that’s a new job, or a new hobby, people’s immediate reaction is usually to say that ‘they’re just used to it now’ or ‘the works getting easier”. Everyone is SO BAD at self-praise!
It’s not getting ‘easier, in fact, YOU have just got better, stronger and wiser! When things start to click into place, it’s SO EASY to just plod along, doing that thing REALLY well, and perhaps getting slightly bored. Remember that WE create our own boredom!! So why can’t we create new challenges!?
If it’s getting ‘easy’, PRAISE yourself now about how far you’ve come, and have a think about what’s next. What MORE can you be doing to build on that current skill, or are there other projects you’d love to take up? New sports you’d love to learn?!
Having ‘no time’ or ‘being too busy’ or the best one ‘but I don’t need to do something else as I’m already doing this’, is NOT an excuse. Challenge yourself, because in 6 months time, you’ll be thinking, WOW, I’ve achieve that AND then that?!
Life is a constant journey; we are constantly learning. It definitely DOESN’T get any ‘easier’, we simply get STRONGER!
Now go out there and challenge yourselves! 🙂