Did any of you see that article recently in Brides magazine written by wedding planner Sandy Malone? The one that I cannot find ANYWHERE on the internet anymore, assumedly due to the outrage it caused among many wedding industry professionals.
In the article, ‘Which vendors do you have to feed at your wedding’, Sandy basically advises brides to not feed anyone, apart from the wedding planner – Errr HELLO! How about the other people who have been secretly ninja-ing around the wedding to make the couple’s day perfect and importantly, have also been on their feet all day?
The article had many industry professionals going nuts over twitter, and reading some of the quote’s from the article now (as that’s all I can find!) I can see why.
Here’s a link to the only information on the article that I can find that offers a few quotes, but I am going to explain why you should feed your photographer, by giving you a brief glimpse into what we do on the day…
I absolutely, whole-heartedly LOVE photographing weddings. The emotion, the excitement, the uniqueness and even the nerves.
The night before your wedding, I will have packed and re-packed my kit, honestly… about three times! Batteries will be charged or charging and I will be at home, getting a good nights sleep and eating a home cooked meal. I usually then check my kit AGAIN before I go to sleep. My wedding outfit is ready, and I am going through the couples session poses in my head and the general logistics of your day. What lenses to use and when.
The morning of the wedding, I get up early. I try to eat as big a breakfast as I can but normally my jitteriness gets the better of me and I cannot eat quite as much as I planned. The jitters, aka the nerves. Yes, that’s right, I get nervous (not to confuse with feeling unconfident)!!
If I didn’t care so much about you and your wedding, then there definitely wouldn’t be any nerves, so I see it as a positive thing as it proves to me how much I love what I do and how much I care. Not forgetting, it shows JUST how much effort goes into every. Single. Wedding. Even with another five years experience, I doubt the nerves will ever go away though I may get used to them and be able to eat a better breakfast!
I leave my home, with at least an extra half an hour of extra time to get me to my first location.
Once I arrive with my lovely bride, the nerves go instantly, and I immediately get into action. Photographing every detail and the natural happenings of the morning. It goes quickly and if I am very lucky, I may have time for a swig of tea/coffee that some very kind father of the bride or bridesmaid makes. Before I know it, I am heading off to the Church/Venue ahead of the bridal party, photographing the boys together, guests as they arrive. Meeting and greeting family that I haven’t yet met and co-ordinating with your vicar/registrar. The ceremony begins where I photograph throughout, sometimes I am crouched or hiding away in extremely awkward angles to get the PERFECT shot but to also be as inconspicuous and unobtrusive as possible. I don’t want you to know I am there.
After the service, there are the group photographs, either at the ceremony venue or back at the reception venue and any gorgeous details. During this time I aim to photograph natural candids, the reception room and take my lovely couple away to create some beautiful and romantic natural portraits.
Next, the guests and the bride and groom begin to make their way into the reception room where I photograph the B&G entering.
At this stage in the day, I leave my couples for the first time to enjoy their meal with friends and family. Who actually wants photographs of them eating? Not me!
About now, I have been on my feet (possibly bar 30ish minutes in a car) for at least SIX HOURS, wearing two heavy cameras and carrying a REALLY heavy suitcase full of equipment around with me. I am physically and emotionally exhasted (due to all the excitement for one thing!).
Don’t forget, that we still have speeches, first dance and dancing to get through, around another 2-3 hours…
Again, PLEASE do not think I am complaining at all about the job, I am simply giving you an insight into the work that goes into photographing a wedding.
So, if any of you lovelies were also wondering what suppliers you should feed, then hopefully the above gives an indication that your lovely photographer will love you FOREVER when you feed them a hot meal. More than anything, they will really truly need to be fed, and fed properly. We need the energy to get through the rest of the evening.
Please also bear in mind that any other supplier who is on their feet all day/evening should be fed; videographers, DJ/Band and planners.
So much work goes into photographing a wedding, I love every minute of it but my gosh is it exhausting. So please feed me 🙂
P xxx