WOW – I can’t believe how much of a success my first event was – a luxury party (for my parents) that I styled and planned, with some amazing help from my sister.  In true ‘Lawley’ style, we didn’t do anything half-hearted and there was a lot of DIY Lawley craft!
I think my parents enjoyed my wedding so much last year, that they wanted to see in their joint 60ths in a similar style, so they let me loose and goodness me was it pretty!

We held the party at High Elms Manor, a beautiful wedding venue hidden away just outside of Watford. I had not come across this gorgeous place before and can truly recommend it – Ailise who manages the venue (also her home!) is absolutely wonderful and really helpful. Not forgetting her equal amount of crazy love for cats – her Tonkinese will give you a cuddle or dive at your neatly placed tablecloths!!
It all began back in January, my sister and I presented two different design briefs to our parents and once colour schemes were agreed, we were off to design key areas of the venue for the party.
Following a venue visit, we began to bring the party to life. With Steph in charge of all balloon displays from Top Balloon, I began sketching out the different rooms and the detail that we would create to make the party truly spectacular.

The cheese and dessert station I created is something I am particularly proud of. The wonderful tasty goodies from Anna’s Kitchen adorning all the pretty décor certainly added a wow factor for all the guests. Anna’s cheese and desserts were a huge hit with guests.
The beautiful centre piece flowers came from the hugely talented and award winning Amie Bone Flowers in Watford. The garland and vases of foliage were created by the Lawley’s, including a 4am trip to New Covent Garden Flower Market, and a very craft Helen & Steph Lawley who created the draped masterpiece.

The beautiful cake was made by my friend Jaina (who absolutely HAS to start her bakery business soon!!) which was crowned with a gorgeous laser cut cake topper from Merrie & Bright Calligraphy.

Enough talk, here are some images I took before the party began and once Steph and I had set up the venue… (Cannot wait to see the official photos from the night itself from Amanda Karen Photography!)
And YES, you may have guessed it, Philippa Sian Luxury Styling is soon to launch this year!!
Enjoy xx
The entrance hall featuring Bubblegum Balloons:

The Ballroom decorated with gorgeous balloon displays from Top Balloon and giant light up numbers from Mighty Fine Entertainment


‘The Pantry’; Cheese and Dessert Station featuring flowers from Amie Bone:

Cake made by Jaina Patel and bespoke cake topper from Merrie & Bright Calligraphy:

Memory Book Station: