Some of you may or may not have seen, but I visited the lovely Budapest last week – a surprise 30th treat for my wonderful husband James.
I have lots of images and bits to share with you from the trip but I thought I’d start with talking about the amazing COFFEE! If you LOVE good coffee, and by ‘good coffee’ I don’t mean Starbucks and Costa, then you’ll love Budapest! (Although you couldn’t avoid seeing the mainstream chains around touristy spots!) So, I’m talking about beautiful independent coffee houses where the service is impeccable and coffee made with the upmost care. No coffee collars with incorrectly spelled names in sight!!

Through the very handy and well-respected advice of Rough Guides, we went to two coffee houses, both unbelievably different but extremely tasty. We still can’t work out which we preferred – both were outstanding in their own ways. Both had their own individual charm, tailoring to different types of people – modern and traditional locals and tourists.
The first, Central Kavehaz, feels like a step back in time as you enter. With beautiful dark wood and mirrored walls and its high ornate ceiling it’s described as ‘the grand café’.

It’s certainly one to visit, and we went TWICE we loved it so much! Originating back in 1887, they brew coffee in a more traditional way and offer an impeccable yet relaxed table service.

We both ordered the Peti Kávé, a traditional coffee from the former owner Mr Mészáros, served with whipped cream and a mini macaroon. YUM!

The second coffee house, was called Espresso Embassy; a young trendy place with an urban feel. Arched ceilings with exposed brick, industrial poles and pipes with low lit light bulbs, modern coffee machines that look like they could take off and a really chilled vibe.

The clientele was a lot younger and the coffee served was similar to varieties you’d find in a modern coffee shop. However, the taste and quality was outstanding, and the helpful, happy and award winning barista’s really knew their stuff.

We both ordered a latte and their ‘famous cheesecake’, which actually was the best cheesecake I’ve ever had!!
There were many others on our list to visit, but with only so much time we had to choose a couple – and they did NOT disappoint. So if you are planning a trip to Budapest, a mid morning coffee at either of these places will make your taste buds and soul very happy indeed 🙂
P xxx