Can you actually believe that the first person I saw on Facebook last week to change their profile picture to an old waaaaaaayyyyy back photo, was my Dad?!
I can picture him now, sat at home, sorting out what I like to refer to as, the ‘Monica’ cupboard (of which there are many in my house!) as he comes across some old photos of him as a young boy.
I can imagine him sitting there with a cup of tea (as I do too with all my old albums) flipping through all the old photo albums that my Nan & Poppa had kept. Old Paper albums with cracked spines that have that gorgeous smell that only old books and libraries get over the years.
He may have come across old photos of him walking hand in hand as a toddler on the beach with my Nan, who would certainly have been wearing a hand made floral summer dress and a floppy hat. Or perhaps there were funny photos of him as a small child, playing ‘war’ in the garden wearing my Poppa’s helmet and goggles that barely fit on his face.
The photograph that my Dad posted was an image of himself and my Uncle, Chris, ‘gigging’ at what could be a Church or school event. My Dad looks about 10 or 11, and he is sat concentrating on the microphone whilst strumming on his guitar. My Uncle, who is four years older than my Dad, stands to his left singing passionately into the microphone.
People may comment on this photo about how young they look, about how my Dad looks exactly like me, or perhaps joke about their funny floppy hair!
To me, this photo says SO much more than just the visual. It is a snap shot in time. A reflection of what has been and what has become. An image that feels so old yet so current – my Dad and Uncle still gig at Folk events even now 🙂
A memory of which is probably hugely important to my Dad and means a lot to him – after all, he chose to post it so there will be a reason.
Many other people have changed their profile pictures on Facebook, or shared images on Instagram, of a similar nature. All timeless memories captured by that one single ‘click’.
What does this say about how we interpret photographs? What we feel about photographs and more importantly HOW they make us feel?
It tells us, that under it all, photographs are JUST as meaningful as our own memories. Sometimes people rely on photographs to REMEMBER. Photographs ARE important to us all – they are an emotional record of our lives, which we all say ‘flash before our eyes’ on a daily, monthly or yearly basis (excuse the pun!). They allow us to remember loved ones after they are gone, that trip of a lifetime, the best dog in the world.
I feel the same way about photographs, and this is why I choose to create, record and document important and emotional moments for not only myself, but for others.
One day, in fifty years, there may be a new Facebook, or something more ‘techy’, and there may be another #throwbackweek or something similar. To imagine people posting photographs that I took of them as a child or even on their wedding day makes me feel PROUD to do what I do.
I preserve memories, just the same as my Poppa’s old film camera recorded my Dad’s.
Philippa xxx
PS – my throw back photo is this one, because it’s my Dad’s favourite photo of me that he took. I probably wasn’t ‘that’ sad, but it does evoke a lot of emotion, and it makes me laugh because I am pretty sure I still look like that now when I cry! 🙂