I’ve had a bit of a knock back this week and I need to get it off my chest.
So, to start at the beginning to contextualise this post I want to talk about my booking process.
An important part of my booking process is that I ask new couples to come and visit me in my home to talk about their wedding plans and ideas, and of course photography. By this stage, lovely couples would have already seen my work and fallen in love with it, or perhaps found me through personal recommendation via a friend or one of the recommended supplier lists I’m on, whether that’s at , on or . They will have then read my website and felt they’ve had an insight into who I am and what I value… They will have made that choice and decision to send me an email and gush about their wedding to tell me what it will be like, which I reply with much excitement and send my e-brochure which details even more info about my approach and collection pricing. If they are still invested at this point, we end with them arranging to meet me in my home where everything falls into place for them. I am ‘the one’ that they will trust with their story, their memories.

Over the last 13 home visitors I have had, every couple who I’ve met have gone onto book me.
It’s the most amazing feeling in the world when lovely people come into your home, and you get on with every single one that visits. I LOVE meeting new people and making new friends, and the thought of spending time with such fab couples on their wedding makes me feel incredibly happy and honoured that they chose to trust me to document it for them.
So… What happens when 1 in every 14 couples who come all the way through that journey, decide to not book you? Well, since I began implementing this booking process, that’s never happened to me before… until this week 🙁
It’s not about the money when I get a booking. Of course I am running a business so money helps me to do this but for me, a booking is a ‘woohoo’ moment where I dance around my office because I’m so happy that I get to spend more time with my new couple and I’m so pleased that I am the one to be there on their day. Helping it to be perfect and to ensure they get the memories they deserve.

So, a super awesome couple came to visit me about 6 weeks ago. We got on like a house on fire, we laughed and chatted so much the meeting over ran by an hour.
So when that final decision was a ‘no’, after all of that, and after weeks of two-ing and fro-ing over email, helping my potential couple find florists and videographers. Sending lists and lists of recommendations to help them in their planning. Being asked for advice that I would always gladly give, and being asked to provide questions I have from a photography perspective that they should ask their venue. For them to then end our journey when they had theoretically ‘booked me’ with ‘sorry we have decided to go with another photographer who’s work we love’ is pretty upsetting, especially when it comes from nowhere and up until that moment you’ve been lead to believe that you were ‘the one’.

So what do I do now? Well I’ve wished them the best of luck and thanked them for considering me to be part of their day… But now what? I feel a bit lost, confused and I’m doubting myself and my work. Wedding photography is personal, so I’m taking this personally.
BUT at the same time, I absolutely KNOW that it’s not me nor my fault. I just have to try to not let this knock back affect my work, and it won’t, but I think I’ll allow myself to feel a bit sad for just a day before I’ll pick myself back up tomorrow and remember how lucky I am that I’ve still got some amazing weddings booked in next year with such fab couples. This couple just weren’t meant for me for whatever reason and maybe, just MAYBE another awesome couple are just around the corner!

After letting all of those feelings and thoughts out, I do feel a little better, but I suppose my final two things to say are this…
If you are reading this and you are currently planning your wedding. Take a moment to think about your wedding suppliers, the ones you are booking and the ones who you choose not to book. We all care about you and your wedding, from the moment you enquire. So please let us down gently and please don’t lead us on because it does hurt a bit when we get a ‘no’ after we’ve invested a lot of time with you.
Secondly, we do still like to be told ‘no’ rather than not hearing back at all, and as much as I’m a little sad today, I’ll be ok tomorrow and we’d would rather know where we stand.
Thanks for reading.
Philippa x