This weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a truly intimate wedding in London. I have photographed Asian weddings with 600 people, to weddings of around 80, but this was certainly a new type of intimate for me.
Intimate and small but no less emotional, romantic and absolutely perfect; this couple celebrated their day with just 10 guests. 
The lovely Helen got in touch with me only a few weeks ago because the photographer that they had booked had fallen through. Their loss was my gain because Helen & Reagan were the sweetest of couples.
Both from New Zealand, they celebrated their day with their closest friends. We whatsapped a photo of them both to their parents who were expectantly waiting to receive an update from the bride and groom.
There is just something so beautiful about a small wedding. Every guest was there for a real reason. I’m not saying that if you have a large wedding that you haven’t put thought into your guest list, but if you do choose to have a small wedding, every guests counts.
Every guest at Helen & Reagan’s wedding was there because they mattered, in more personal ways than I will ever know. Instead of searching for emotion to photograph in a ceremony room full of faces of extended family and plus ones, here I could see that emotion and that love on EVERY single face. It was so wonderful and I’d love to do it again 🙂
Here is a small sneak peek from their wedding…